Our Services​

The goal of Too-See Placements, at its most basic, is to convert non-applications into applicants. Recruitment, on the other hand, requires the conversion of applicants to employees. Talent sourcing is therefore the starting point of the recruitment process and an essential element of building a robust talent pipeline.
Too-See’s experienced consultants pride themselves in their ability to build solutions around each clients’ unique requirements and have a proven track record of achieving the desired outcomes.
Too-See HR enable you to develop and implement the right people strategy to facilitate your business in achieving the vision, mission and values. we are able to engage the right services, including strategic HR and transactional HR, to ensure you are on course for success, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Part of our payroll offering is expert advice relating to all areas of payroll, including statutory regulations, SARS and compliance with all related legislation, as well as how to rectify historic errors. Outsourcing your payroll administration to us gives you fully compliant and accurate payroll that is up to date with the latest statutory regulations
Too-See HRIS is a fully-integrated, cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS) that adds a holistic employee self-service (ESS) functionality to your business.
Too-See’s Recruitment system provides multi job posting software, streamline your candidate application to automatically create shortlists for hiring managers, automate your screening process, create and nurture a talent pool, and engage with candidates.